Hard Adventure

Mountain Climbing

Looking for that once in a lifetime opportunity of mountain climbing? Visit Guyana and travel to the largely uninhabited southwestern corner of Guyana’s Amazon Tepui region to the 2000 foot prow of Mt. Roraima, one of South America’s most mysterious landmarks which form the tripartite border of Guyana, Venezuela and Brazil. It has a unique development of flora which huddles for shelter in pockets on the exposed, windswept plateau. Amazing rock formations have been carved by wind and water, and the ground is uneven and rocky with frequent crystal clear pools of excruciatingly cold water (good for the circulation apparently!) There are crystal beds that contain large, individual crystals in interesting shapes, and stunning views.


The Amazon Rainforest of Guyana provides an amazing trekking experience. Through the rugged mountains and wild tropical rainforest are numerous developed trails frequented by the smiling faces of our Indigenous peoples as they journey to their farms. Take a guided trek and learn about the hundreds of plant species seen and used for many cosmetics and medicinal purposes. Be entertained by the whistling and mate dancing birds as they show off in their natural habitat and observe silence for a peep at the lizards and rodents who camouflage themselves among the trees. For more information contact the local tour operators.

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