GuyExpo – Guyana’s Premiere Trade Fair and Exhibition.

GuyExpo 2014

GuyExpo 2014

“ Transformation:Partnering for a better Guyana ”

Guyana’s largest Trade and Investment Exposition – GuyExpo began in 1995. This event which showcases locally produced goods and services, became an annual event in 2004 and is now the longest sustained exhibition in the Caribbean. In that year, the organizers noting the growth and interdependence of international trade opened the exhibition to the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) and other regional exhibitors.

GuyExpo is now a national event and takes a permanent place on the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce’s Annual Calendar of Events. This trade and investment activity is usually held in September.

This premier exposition and trade fair offers business associates the opportunity to meet, network and negotiate with international companies and establishments, as well as showcase their skills, talents and creative works.

This annual event provides a platform for both local and foreign businesses: importers, exporters, retailers, wholesalers. It fuses together a wide cross section of producers of handicraft, furniture, garments, jewellery, and horticulture, pharmaceuticals, tourism, information technology and most of all our culture. This ideal setting provides the opportunity for businesses to increase their competitiveness and efficiency and foster growth.

GuyExpo is undertaken as a partnership among the Ministry of Tourism, Industry and Commerce, GO-INVEST and the private Sector; while exhibitors, franchise holders, game operators and entertainers play a major role in the overall success of the event.

The GuyExpo Planning Committee and Secretariat under the stewardship of the Honourable Minister Irfaan Ali M.P. supported by Co-chairman Mr. Derrick Cummings, and the Planning Committee have established a plan of action which will result in GuyExpo 2014 being one of the best ever.

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