Capturing Guyana’s Beauty… ‘See it, Snap It’ Photo Competition a Success

Even more persons are being encouraged to appreciate and capture Guyana’s beauty

Winners of the "See it...Snap It!"  Photo Competition organised by the GTA

Winners of the “See it…Snap It!” Photo Competition organised by the GTA

through the Guyana Tourism Authority’s amateur ‘See it, snap it’ photo competition.

This contest formed part of the Authority’s Tourism Awareness Month activities in November 2012, and attracted widespread participation from persons across the country.The three winners, Duane Defreitas, who copped first position and  Amanda Richards who won both second and third places, were presented with their prizes last week in a simple ceremony at the GTA office in Sophia.

According to the GTA Director, Indranauth Haralsingh, this activity was conceptualized to encourage persons to capture and share the beauty of Guyana, with as many persons as they can.

“We just wanted to encourage everybody to see it, snap it and send it. A picture tells a thousand words and we can share so much of Guyana by sending photos to people we know and posting them of facebook or sending emails. The GTA decided to run this contest, and with the widespread use of digital cameras it became easy for people to have the means to participate in the contest,” Mr. Haralsingh explained.

He explained too that the GTA will use the photographs to promote Guyana at trade fairs, expositions and in publications by the Authority.

A panel of judges selected the winning three (3) from a total of seventy (70) photographs in the three categories; attractions, scenery and culture.

1st place went to Duane Defreitas and his photo, which was in the category of People, and which depicted running rapids in a canoe, just below Corona Falls. His camera of choice was a Nikon D200.

2nd place went to Amanda Richards and her photo, in the category of Scenery, which depicted the old koker at Mon Repos. Her camera of choice was the Nikon D7000

3rd place also went to Amanda Richards and her photo, in the category of Attractions,  which captured  City Hall. Her camera of choice was the Nikon D7000

The prizes awarded to the first second and third place winners respectively included a Nikon COOLPIX AW100, 16 megapixels, water proof, shoot proof, freeze proof digital camera with GPS and full HD 1080p Video, a Canon SELPHY CP900 Black Wireless Colour Photo Printer and a Dolica AX620B100 62-Inch Proline Tripod and Ball head and a Nikon D7000: From Snapshots to Great shoots photography book.

The winners lauded the GTA for the activity and expressed gratitude for having an outlet to showcase their pictures; they also made valuable suggestions on ways to expand and improve the contest this year.

Entry into to the competition was free and was open to all amateur photographers over 21 years.

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