GTA greets visitors with snacks, tokens as part of Tourism Month

Incoming passengers at the Cheddi Jagan International Airport (CJIA) were pleasantly surprised this morning, as they were greeted with local snacks and tokens.

Passengers being greeted by staff of GTA and receiving their Guyanese tokens.

Representatives of the Guyana Tourism Authority (GTA) distributed the delicacies and mementos to the delighted visitors, as part of the organisation’s Tourism Month activities.

Some of the visitors included Guyanese returning home, as well as first-time visitors to the country. The Department of Public Information (DPI), spoke with some of them.

Shanpaul Narine disclosed the purpose of his visit where he is expected to make an address at the University of Guyana’s Convocation Ceremony at the National Cultural Centre. “Guyana will always be home and I love coming here, and my son loves it too, he always wants to come when I coming so this trip I brought him,” Narine said.

Patsy Brow has resided in the USA for over 30 years and is always happy to return home. “Guyana is my birthplace and I will always come back home. What I love most about being back home is the warmth and the food.”

Naro Bali said “I have been living in the USA over 35 years and I happy to come back home. I am here for the University of Guyana graduation. I love coming home for the food and the weather, everything is so organic and everything is so wonderful here.”

Jene Harry, who returns regularly, said she is drawn back because of the “….  diversity of the people and the love. The people are like candy, the different colors, shapes and sizes, and beauty. We are very loving people and kind people and that is what you want to be around.”

The GTA has indicated that they will be hosting more activities of this nature. Source (DPI, Guyana, Friday, November 10, 2017)

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