Message from Hon. Minister of Housing & Water, Irfaan Ali

world water dayThe selection of ‘Water and Sustainable Development’ as the theme for the 2015 observance of International World Water Day comes at a time when Guyana is experiencing massive expansion in key sectors especially in the areas of Housing and Water. 

In excess of $30 Billion has been invested by the Government of Guyana for capital works to develop new housing schemes and to rehabilitate existing schemes.  The dream of owning your own home is now a reality for lower and middle income earners thanks to the Government’s programme to not only offer house lots but housing units through initiatives such as the Core Homes, Young Professionals and ‘Turnkey’ programmes.

The success happening right now in Guyana’s Housing Sector would not be possible without the great strides made by Guyana Water Inc. to improve the availability of safe water service country-wide.  Indeed, water is the most vital resource for sustainable development; but do we take cognizance of how fundamental water service is to our continued development as a nation?

Our health sector is experiencing immense improvements including new medical facilities in areas most in need.   However, the simple act of a surgeon washing his hands could mean life or death for patients. Indeed, success in Guyana’s health sector would be impossible without the expansion of potable water service.

Guyana’s Business Sector is enjoying vast growth with new high-rise buildings acting as beacons of the confidence foreign and local investors have in Guyana’s ability to become a power-house of Industry and Commerce.  However, do we take the time to acknowledge that without the availability of potable water there could be no investment in Guyana?  This vital substance is critical to every aspect of sustainable development and it is important that we not take this fact for granted.

It is vital that every Guyanese acknowledge that without further expansion of potable water, there cannot be sustainable development.  We must acknowledge this in order to support initiatives to protect Guyana’s vital freshwater resources.

Expansion in the water sector with investment by Government has resulted in two new Water Treatment Facilities which were recently completed in Linden at Amelia’s Ward and Wisroc.  Critical to Linden residents being served by the new Wisroc facility is the Dakoura Creek, an impressive freshwater resource which will function as the source of supply for the facility.  Examples such as this underscore the importance of every Guyanese committing to preserving Guyana’s freshwater resources.

Freshwater is also important to a new Government of Guyana developmental project which will result in the construction of three (3) new water treatment facilities at Uitvlugt in Region 3, Diamond in Region 4 and Sheet Anchor in Region 6.   

This is the essence of International World Water Day, protection of freshwater resources.  This could not be more critical to Guyana, as the nation continues to experience positive growth in all sectors.  I challenge every Guyanese to take cognizance of the critical role the availability of safe, potable water plays in every aspect of our lives as the Nation continues to experience and enjoy unprecedented success in all sectors due to Government’s investment in critical areas.

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